Dr. Ashok Bajpai

Co Chairman
Kanyakubj Nursing College

The cornerstone in delivery of quality healthcare is high quality Nursing , MY Hospital is well known for its Nursing standard and  the logical extension then was to have a Nursing College, where nurses will imbibe and maintain the high standards of nursing care that their predecessors have set. It ‘s matter of great pleasure that Kanyakubj Shaikshanik awam Parmarthik Trust has taken initiative for establishing “KANYAKUBJ NURSING COLLEGE” in Indore.

During last couple of Years Indore has shown a drastic developm ent in Health care sector with consisten t improvement in quality of healthcare services. In patient care the nurses have the vital role, so we require nurses with quality performance .

Since last one decade we have experienced shortage of quality nursing staffs in central India. So Kanyakubj Shaikshanik awam Parmarthik Trust Indore & Apollo Rajshree Hospi ta ls Indore h ave jo in tl y take n th e opportunity to nurture quality nursing staffs.

I firmly believe that constant attention by a good nurse may be just as important as a major operation performed by a good surgeon. I congratulate “KANYAKUBJ NURSING COLLEGE” and all the students who enter their portals should have a very bright future in nursing professional career.